Employee Benefits

The Colten Mortgage Employee Benefit Program will provide a mortgage benefit to your employees at no cost or valuable administration time.

Colten Mortgage provides a full range of mortgage planning services to your employees looking to buy, refinance or sell a home. These services are available at a discounted market cost to company employees and their families.

Program Benefits


Offering mortgage benefits helps you to recruit and retain qualified candidates who value life event and benefit services. Colten Mortgage provides this service at not charge to the employee or employer.

Employee Retention

Home ownership is ranked as the number one financial priority of families. Studies show that offering employee benefits increases employee loyalty by improving job satisfaction and cultivating a sense of identity with the company.

Employee Cost Savings

By utilizing the Colten Mortgage Employee Benefit Program, your employees receive these loans at a discount. Employees will typically pay below the market value cost on associated mortgage fees.

Employee Perks

  • Free credit reports and analysis
  • Free market analysis on employee’s current home
  • Free mortgage planning services
  • Free home-buying seminars

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