“Control your destiny in real estate… and life”

Brant Phillips

Founder & CEO of Colten Mortgage

Brant has a simple philosophy in business and in life… “Own Don’t Rent.” And he successfully created a life and business where he controls his own destiny. But it wasn’t always easy…

As an entrepreneur who found himself losing control during the global disaster of 2008, Brant decided he would never leave his future in the hands of anyone else again. That’s when Co-Founded Colten Mortgage and became CEO.

Brant built Colten Mortgage with the same credo for his executives, managers and employees…

Create a life of financial freedom, and each and everyone of them will feel like they are an entrepreneur responsible for their own success. And how he wants to make his philosophy and methodology available for the masses.



Control your destiny as you embark on your real estate investment journey


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“I believe as an entrepreneur in real estate, you have to fully buy into your goals if you want a shot at achieving them.”

Brant has taken the “Own Don’t Rent” approach to push his clients to take full control of their destiny – building their financial freedom and reaching their peak potential one investment at a time.

As one of the very few mortgage banking companies that funds its own loans, Colten Mortgage gives our loan officers full autonomy and control over their success, allowing them to underwrite their clients’ loans directly instead of being stuck under the thumb of big banks.

Brant’s experience and ethical, client-focused approach doesn’t mean much if a company doesn’t mirror this approach.

You’ve Got The Dream. You Just Need Help Achieving It.


Meet Brant

For over 28 years, Brant has helped home buyers and homeowners, regional and community banks, mortgage bankers and brokers with their mortgage lending needs. During his career, Brant has worked in many aspects of lending: Consumer Finance, Retail Mortgage Lending, and TPO (wholesale and correspondent channels). He has managed all aspects of lending from company formation to systems to origination through investor delivery and servicing. Brant has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from UOP and has several industry licenses.

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