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Ken Sellinger

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With a master’s degree in psychology and experience working with troubled youth and prison inmates, Ken Sellinger has a long history of helping people. Today, he enjoys helping others by providing financial services to people trying to buy a home, save money, or use the equity in their home.

“At Colten Mortgage, we pride ourselves on our eye for detail, rapid service, and dedication to customer satisfaction,” Ken says. “We provide a wide variety of home financing programs to assist our customers with the purchase and refinance of primary residence, second homes, and investment properties. The mechanics of our business is mortgages, but our true commitment is developing lasting relationships with customers, business partners, and each person we encounter throughout a day. We enjoy our occupation while we enjoy helping people more.”

Ken started helping people immediately after graduating from Indiana University. He began his career at Child Protective Services in Indianapolis and transferred to Child Protective Services in Charlotte after moving here in 1989. Six years later, Ken earned his master’s degree and became a psychotherapist for troubled youth and prison inmates in the Charlotte area. After a career change in 1999, he worked as Regional Tech Manager for a Fortune 500 Company for four years.

“During that time, I bought some rental homes, and learned more and more about real estate and mortgages,” Ken says. “I became very interested in the real estate business, and I became a mortgage loan officer in 2003. I have been at it ever since with no plans on doing anything else!”

Colten Mortgage’s commitment to quality customer service and putting the people they serve first appealed to Ken. “I identify with our company’s core values of integrity, excellence, culture, and dedication,” he says. “Our mission is to set a high standard in the mortgage industry, and surpass the expectations of our clients and partners as we assist them with their real estate financing needs.”

Ken enjoys carefully guiding people through the home-loan process so they can confidently select the best mortgage for themselves out of the many available options. He and his team work continuously on their clients’ behalf to help them achieve their dream of homeownership.

“There is such a great feeling of satisfaction in helping a family secure the home of their dreams,” Ken says. “Their happiness is almost contagious! And we have far more sophisticated consumers today than ever before, in part because the internet allows them to find answers to questions about their transactions and shop different companies ahead of time. We love assisting return customers with additional transactions. It’s confirmation that we aren’t just conducting business – we’re building lasting relationships along the way.”

Colten Mortgage prides itself on its teamwork dynamic. “I’m successful if the people working for our branch feel that they are valued and part of a real team,” says Ken. “My total focus is on making our loan officers successful. We’ve created an environment where people look forward to coming to work and are invested in the overall success of our branch. I’m proud to be able to help the people I work with, in addition to helping borrowers and their families.”

With an entire career dedicated to helping others, Ken is now using his child-psychology skills at home instead of at work. He is the father of six, including five boys and one baby girl. “Because of the number of children I have, it’s all about family activities,” he smiles. “Especially since having a ‘surprise’ baby girl a year ago. We love doing things together as a family, like hiking, bike riding, baseball, gymnastics, basketball, family trips, hanging out at the pool, and whatever else we can think of. We are very lucky that we love doing things together, and we have a lot of fun!”

Colten Mortgage has a solution to help you reach your goals, no matter what stage you’re in. I am always available to help you determine the best possible solution for your needs now, and in the future. Some of our specialties include:

• Purchase & Refinance
• First Time Home Buyers
• New Construction Loans
• Home Improvement & Rehab Loans
• Second Homes & Investment Properties
• Single Family & Multi Unit Condos

We take pride in exceeding expectations by delivering white-glove customer service to each and every client. Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews on Google and Facebook!

We are dedicated to making sure our clients feel heard, know their options, and understand every step of the loan process.

Our Loan Officers are always available to answer your questions, and happy to meet in person if it’s more comfortable.

We deliver a seamless experience to our clients, realtors, and builder partners with all loan processing and underwriting performed in-house. So when you have a question, we have an answer.