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Laura Winkel

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I never tire of seeing the look of triumph and joy on the face of a new homeowner. It’s a proud moment and I am honored to share it with them. Later on, when these same buyers move up to a new and larger property the feeling of accomplishment remains. To refinance someone into a better financial position that makes their future brighter is just as satisfying.

After more than 20 years It’s still my favorite thing to see. I can tell you about all the loans I know, can do and have done over those 20+ years but you can imagine I’ve pretty much done them all. 

I would, however, like to tell you about my associates. The team I work with at Colten Mortgage. Each and every person is highly skilled, understanding of issues, willing to give a little more after giving extra already, unwavering in their intensity to be the best and to get that loan done better and faster than anywhere else. You get that whole team when you choose me as your Loan Officer. After all…It’s a relationship, not just a mortgage.