Kellie D.

I just wanted to say that Amy Reczek is an absolute angel; truly heaven sent.  I was introduced to her via my realtor Barry Overton & he assured me that she’s the best in the business & she most certainly is! Home buying and/or the steps to even start the home buying process is absolutely terrifying & I have to admit that there was a lot of trepidation on my end as I’ve not really had anyone thoroughly explain it to me the way that Amy did. She’s incredibly knowledgeable & has the tools to articulate what one needs to do in order to get the ball rolling in preparation for purchasing a home. I was truly enlightened with how effortless she’s made this entire process & I am more than confident that she will be able to set me up for success when I’m actively looking for a home with her by my side. Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for talking me off the ledge today. My cup most certainly is half full now.