On final approach to your new home? You’ve landed at the right place to talk about home financing.

Make sure Colten Mortgage is the first item on your landing checklist.

Short Final Your Loan

Big institutions can sometimes make the mortgage process more turbulent than necessary. We know it can be frustrating. Unlike the FAA, there is a choice when it comes to your mortgage. At Colten, we embrace a simple, stable approach for home buying and refinancing because we understand the experience from the passenger’s perspective. This is why we’ve decided to use the 5 P’s in aviation as a model to operate from as a mortgage company.

The Plan

We carefully inspect your personal mortgage needs, with high attention to detail, to provide you with safest course to reach your destination.

The Plane

Our people are the vehicle of our business, therefore we need to ensure that they’re well taken care of to perform at their peak. We maintain a dream team to make the mortgage journey worth it.

The Pilot

Considering our CEO is a pilot, our team is always led with confidence and assurance in our mission to serve our clients above and beyond.

The Passengers

Our highest priority is the comfort, safety, and satisfaction of our clients and partners.

The Programming

We’re constantly adapting and evolving, using the best technology in the industry to provide our clients with the smoothest process a lender can offer.

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